Order Your Yearbook Today!

Yearbooks are now $24 and sold in order as received. 


We also need your photos! Have pictures from class parties, field trip or school events? Send them in! The deadline for pictures is March 13th!

Ways to send photos to the yearbook team all year:

*NOTE: all images MUST be High Resolution. 

  • BEST WAY TO SUBMIT: Upload photos from your phone or tablet via the Balfour “imageshare” application

    1. Download the “ImageShare” app in the AppStore

    2. Create an account on the app, with your info. Enter Project #020808. 

    3. Upload up to 5 photos at a time, tagging with student name, grade and a description if possible.

  • NEXT BEST WAY TO SUBMIT: Upload from your computer to direct


  • LAST RESORT: Put a Flash Drive in the PTA box for Tracy